It’s back-to-school time and everyone is madly preparing for another year of lost shoes in the morning, fighting over homework, and keeping up with activity-filled schedules. During all your preparation, don’t forget to spread a little cheer and celebrate the wonderful moments of learning that school brings.

The Teacher

Teachers are the backbone of the school system and you’ll need to form a good relationship with them to communicate about your child’s progression. Nothing says “I’m serious about education” like bringing a teacher appreciation cookie bouquet to meet-the-teacher night. If your kid is a bit of a troublemaker, cookies can be a great way of thanking a teacher for their patience.

First Day

Whether it’s just the next grade up or a whole new school, the very first day can be nerve-wracking for many kids. Friendships may have changed over the summer, your kids could have been placed in an advanced math class, or maybe you just want to show them a little extra love. Whatever the reason, there’s no better way than a surprise box of cookies in their lunchbox. Get a larger bouquet to share with a few best friends or send your kids with a full cookie platter to share with everyone. That’s sure to get their year off on the right foot.

Little Victories

As school progresses, lots of changes take place. Homework assignments get longer, tests get harder, and activities start. Celebrate your kid making the team with a sports themed bouquet or show them they’re a star when they are cast in the school play. Academic requirements and competition amongst peers get stronger every year. Positive reinforcement can encourage kids when they’re doing a good job. Try this smart cookie bouquet that’s sure to make them proud of their first A+ of the year.

There are plenty of reasons to order a cookie bouquet this year. Whether it’s for the teacher, your child, or the entire class, we have the perfect bouquet for you. Don’t wait for an extra-special occasion. Celebrate everyday moments and show your appreciation and love in a way that everyone understands–cookies!