Thanksgiving Cookies

‘Tis finally the fall season, and this year we’re thankful, grateful, and FULL… of cookies, that is! Move over pumpkin pie, because there’s a new Thanksgiving favorite on the table. That’s right, we’re talking maple leaf cookies, acorn cookies, sunflower cookies, pumpkin cookies, and turkey cookies galore! Get ready to gobble, gobble until you can’t gobble no more!

Thanksgiving is a time to indulge in delicious food, delightful drinks, and delectable desserts. Although the holiday may look a little different this year, you can still let your family and friends know how ~grateful~ you are for them with an extra-sweet bouquet, basket, or box full of harvest-themed treats. It’s a little butter than a Zoom call, don’t ya think?!😋

Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving is the celebration of a successful harvest, but also a time to spend with good friends, family and food. End your meal with a delicious cookie bouquet!

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Fall Leaf Cookies and Brownies Gift Bag

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Autumn Cookie Basket

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Falling Leaves Cookie Bag

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Fall Leaf Cookie Bouquet

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Thanksgiving Wicker Cookie Basket

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Fall Leaf Decorated Cookie Bouquet

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Thanksgiving Cookie Box

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Falling Leaves Cookie Box

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Deluxe Fall Gourmet Gift Trio

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