Cookie Tins

A tin full of cookies is a classic tasty gift that’s always sure to spread a smile. No matter if you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Easter, Halloween, or Hanukkah, we have a festive cookie tin to match! Our cookie tins include a plethora of fun flavors, including chocolate frosted peanut butter, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, M&M cookies, white chocolate chip, chocolate chip pecan, and MORE! Our cookie tins come in all sizes and include anywhere from 6-24 cookies – just think of all that sweet, buttery goodness!

Our cookie tins can also include treats that go above and beyond, like richly dipped chocolate pretzel rods, mouthwatering caramel corn clusters, and decadent chocolate chunk brownies. Our base cookie recipes come straight from Grandma Evelyn’s cookbook, and we bake our cookies in small batches to ensure our authenticity always shines through. All of our sweet treats also come individually wrapped to maintain that fresh-from-the-oven flavor.

Cookie Tins

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Jack-o-Lantern Cookie Tin

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Mom Cookie Tin

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Birthday Party Cookie Tin

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Daisy and Tulip Cookie Tin

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Teacup Treats Tin

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Happy Halloween Gourmet Tin

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Birthday Cake Cookie Tin

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Marvel Avengers Cookie Tin

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Bucket of Heart Cookies

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