Logo Photo Cookies

       If you’re interested in getting your logo or photo on some amazing logo cookies, look no further. Why hand out pens with your logo on them when you can do something more original? Get your company logo on some of our cookies today! Perfect for meetings, events, and even holiday gifts for your favorite clients. A great way to grab the attention of potential clients and be memorable in their minds because who doesn’t love a good cookie?

Logo Photo Cookies

Why send personalized cookie gifts?

  • Logo Cookies are more original than handing out pens with your logo on them.  Your clients or customers will always remember having a delicious cookies during a meeting or event.
  • Perfect for meetings, events, and even holiday gifts for your favorite clients. Why be ordinary and let us do something unique to spruce up the occasion.
  • The Logos and Photos are printed directly onto the cookie so there is no other substrate between the image and the cookie.  This eliminates the texture and flavor of a wafer paper or fondant paper.
  • Grab the attention of potential clients and make them remember you.  We can even put your logo on a cookie with there logo to create a partnership between you and your client.
  • What better way to be memorable than giving someone a cookie because who doesn’t love cookies?
  • With direct print logo cookies there is no flavor or texture change, all you get is delicious cookie.  With other printing styles you have to border the cookie to cover the paper or you will get rolled edges.  When you bite into our logo cookies there is no pulling or tearing of fondant or wafer paper.

Logo Cookie FAQ's

Are there any volume discounts?

Yes we do offer volume discounts.  We offer them for orders with just the cookies and we also offer them with the baskets and boxes.  Please give us a call at 614-888-2171 or email us at Chips@cookiebouquets.com.

How long will it take my gift to be delivered?

When ordering, you select the date for your cookie gift to arrive to the recipient.  For large orders delivery time will vary by volume and location.

Can I include a card with my gift?

Yes. Once you order, you’ll be asked to include a special message with your gift. We can also include any promotional information you would like to include.

What's the shelf life of the cookies?

Our cookies are made without preservatives to ensure the most delicious taste. Cookies should be eaten within one week or receipt for the freshest results. If you can’t eat all the cookies within a week, freeze for up to six months.

Can I use more than one logo or photo?

Yes absolutely! We have no maximum for images because we print directly to the cookie.  If you want multiple images upload one image on the order and then email the rest of the images in a reply to the order confirmation.