Dear Graduates: A Letter To The Smartest Cookies In The Room


Dear Grads,

Congratulations! After years of hard work studying and completing a multitude of homework assignments, school’s finally out—and you’ve made it! As you walk off the stage in your cap and gown, diploma in hand, you might be elated about your achievement or a bit nervous as to what your next step should be. (College? Vocational school? Finding a job?)

Don’t let anxiety put a damper on your big day! For graduates everywhere, today is a huge moment that should be commemorated! First things first, let’s celebrate YOU. Instead of flowers as a graduation gift, we’re commemorating all of your incredible accomplishments with special graduation cookies! And yes, that means we’re throwing you a graduation party with all your family, friends, and loved ones. We’ve even prepared ahead of time with a group Grand Bakery Sampler to guarantee there’s more than enough cookies to go around.

You’re a star student who deserves the most delicious graduation gift… and what’s better than a cookie bouquet to brighten up your graduation party? We create the cutest, homemade graduation cookies that can be delivered from afar, customized for a special touch, or sent with a thoughtful message. Our favorite cookie bouquet we recommend for the most perfect graduation party table centerpiece says “Congrats, grad! You did it!”

Plus, expect some custom photo cookies too! Individually wrapped custom photo cookies are a fun way to showcase original designs and artwork, photos with friends, or some goofy family pictures. Unlike Aunt Jane who loves to embarrass you with baby photos, we’ll make sure to print your nicest senior pics onto your custom graduation cookies. Have you decided to attend The Ohio State University and are excited to be a Buckeye? There’s also an option to proudly display your university’s insignia on a bunch of delicious custom logo cookies! We’ll make sure to provide plenty of tasteful graduation-themed cookie bouquets, boxes, and gift bags of all your favorite cookie flavors to enjoy snacking on post-commencement.

To all the smart cookies out there, we’re recognizing the immense dedication, determination, and perseverance it took to accomplish this important milestone. No matter what next steps you take in your career or personal life, the future looks bright! As a new high school graduate, you’re like a fresh batch of graduation cookies just out of the oven: fresh, fully formed, and ready to take on the world! Just remember to savor the moment.

– Your Friends At Cookie Bouquets