Having a long distance Valentine can be tough. You want to get them something that fully conveys how you feel and how much you miss them, but it’s looking like it might be yet another anti-climactic year of sending a gift direct from Amazon. There are better ways to celebrate love! Think outside the box this year and try for something with a more personal touch.

Care Package

Make a care package for your Valentine. If it’s the thought that counts, then it would follow that putting more thought into something counts more. Put effort into your care package and your valentine will appreciate it when they see how well you know them. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a plate of your partner’s favorite cookies. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but that the stomach is the quickest way to a person’s heart. I agree. You can never go wrong with food. Everyone eats, which means your gift will never spoil away on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. Include a big plate of cookies, a photo of the two of you, and anything else your heart desires. Your valentine will love it.

Cookie Delivery Services

Does the oven shudder when you turn it on? Did your last batch of cookies remain unsold at the bake sale? No worries, let someone else make the cookies. Your valentine will understand (especially if they really know you!). Send them a bouquet, box, or even a piping hot plate of fresh baked cookies from the professionals. Choose from dozens of designs and imagine the look on their face as they open the door Valentine’s Day morning to warm cookies and milk. It’s almost as good as waking up on Valentine’s Day to breakfast in bed—if that breakfast were cookies, that is. Even when you can’t be there to bake them yourself, that plate-full of chocolaty love reminds your valentine of how much you care.

Gifts for Others

Does your valentine have kids or a loving furry companion? Include something for them. More than likely the kids were going to help mom or dad eat that glorious cookie bouquet you sent, but why not get them each their own instead? Being recognized individually and not just sharing in someone else’s gift is a great way to earn points with that person. If it’s a dog or cat, send some edible pet cookies to match. If you’re sending a care package, include ingredients for your valentine to bake cookies with their kids. You’re saying to them, even if I can’t be there, I want you to be making happy memories. Your valentine will be sure to find it romantic when you think of others.

There are plenty of cliché gifts to send your valentine – chocolates (melty), flowers (droopy), teddy bear (useless). Send them something they really want. Send them cookies!

P.S. Cookies are a great option, even if you wake up next to your Valentine every day.