We’ve made it to the end of another school year, and for some students, the end of an era. All throughout May and June, graduates everywhere are celebrating their well-earned diplomas with family and friends. Whether they’re completing high school, college, or finally making it over the finish line with their doctoral thesis, we’ve got the perfect graduation gift ideas to commemorate all the accomplishments of these smart cookies.

  1. Celebrate their career! Many students have worked hard to achieve a good education, so they are one step closer to their dream job. Get your grad a thoughtful, career-specific item that will come in handy and receive a lot of use in their field. Have specific tennis shoes or sports gear delivered for an athletics coach, classroom supplies for a new school teacher, or a universal journal for all-purpose life planning. Even if your graduate isn’t sure what they want to do next, we know their future looks bright!
  2. Know what they need. Numerous grads are in various stages of life and need different things. High school seniors may find a new backpack or college dorm room decorations extremely useful. Meanwhile, older college grads are probably looking for help shopping for kitchen supplies as they move into an apartment to start a brand-new job. (And you can most likely treat them to a celebratory beer!) No matter what’s in store for them, a beautiful frame to hang their diploma is a gift they’ll undoubtedly appreciate!
  3. Make them laugh! For several years, students have trudged through a marathon of homework assignments, group projects, and extracurriculars while maybe even applying to colleges or working a part-time job! What better way to lighten the mood than with a comical basket of goodies, witty card, or a hilarious gift involving a personalized (and maybe slightly embarrassing?) photo. At least you can eat these delicious custom photo cookies pretty quickly.
  4. Get a sweet treat. There’s this old adage that C’s get degrees… ahem. We mean C’s stand for cookies! And a graduation party is nothing without some scrumptious desserts! Get a special graduate cookie bouquet delivered that’s sure to make your superstar smile, along with a little something for everyone. Explore even more cookie options by ordering a personalized, individually wrapped bundle that includes only your grad’s top-favorite cookie flavors.


Graduation is a momentous achievement with so many fabulous ways to celebrate! Our most important recommendation? Sharing some A+ graduation cookies with family and friends. So, watch them toss their cap, move the tassel, and let the party begin!