The joy and hope that come from seeing a loving couple who are about to share their lives together deserves a special treat—cookies, of course. Wedding showers are the perfect place to show off your baking skills with these special wedding themes and shapes.



Shopping for a wedding gown is something every woman dreams of. Whether the bride-to-be has already found the dress of her dreams or she’s still on the hunt, she’ll appreciate these dress shaped cookies. To make it interactive, have guests decorate the cookies with their own perfect gown idea.


Engagement Rings

Popping the question just doesn’t have the same effect if you’re not holding a ring. You can celebrate the happy couple’s engagement with a ring of your own—a diamond ring-shaped cookie, that is. These sweet treats are a big hit.



Wedding showers are all about the love which means heart-shaped cookies suit the theme perfectly. Use a fine tipped piping bag to write love notes or the couple’s initials. Add roses or lace patterns for a fancy, yet delicate touch. You can even use the heart shape to make dress and tuxedo cookies.


Groom Cookies

Wedding showers aren’t always about the bride. More and more couples are joining forces at these parties to celebrate together with friends and family. Since most people will cater to the bride, bring cookies with a theme personal to the groom instead. Whether it’s football, camping, race cars, or golf, every husband-to-be has a hobby you can celebrate in cookie form.



Cookies that look like cakes. I know it sounds wild, but there are some cute ways to do this. An easy flat version is to get a wedding cake shaped cookie cutter and decorate with every detail of the full sized thing. You can also take your cake-cookies 3D by stacking round cookies of different sizes. Use icing to cement them together and you now have a three-tiered cookie masterpiece.


Bringing homemade gifts is very thoughtful and appreciated, but if you think you’d rather leave this one to the pros, that’s fine too. Our cookies inspire nothing but love with decorated heart-shaped variety boxes and full bouquets of long-stemmed cookie-roses. With dozens of love-themed options, you’ll find the perfect cookie for your next wedding shower.