Sugar cookies come in all sorts of textures, shapes, and sizes and are meant to be a perfect blank slate for endless customization possibilities. Prefer a thin, crispy sugar cookie? Or maybe soft and chewy, with sugar sprinkles on top? This classic dessert is versatile, easy to bake, and extremely tasty, making it one of America’s most popular cookie bouquet choices, especially around the holidays!

The origins of sugar cookies can be traced back to German Protestant settlers in Nazareth, Pennsylvania around the mid 1700s and were dubbed “Nazareth Cookies.” Major ingredients in early iterations included sour cream and milk, but today’s recipes rely heavily on butter, sugar, and flour. It’s become a household tradition to roll out the dough by hand and cut out fun shapes, like flowers, stars, or even a snowman around Christmas time, before decorating them.

Some sugar cookies are thick, with a crumbly, shortbread consistency, while others are light and cakey, pairing well with a buttercream frosting. Experimenting with different types of sugar or flour will impact the density, appearance, and overall taste of a sugar cookie—for example, using brown sugar is perfect for a gingerbread sugar cookie! Or if you know of someone with allergies or dietary restrictions, it’s easy to play around with alternative ingredients, like non-dairy milk or gluten-free flour.

If you consider sugar cookies as a “boring” staple, it’s time to spice up your recipe! Throw in some cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, lemon zest, pumpkin spice—this is where the cookie creativity begins! Custom sugar cookies are perfect for any occasion you’re celebrating. Make pumpkin-flavored sugar cookies for Halloween, cute hearts sprinkled with extra sugar for your Valentine, or whip up a special birthday treat for a family member or friend, with their favorite flavor in mind. Sugar cookies with buttercream frosting are extra irresistible to all the sweet tooths out there!

Even if you’re not much of a sweets person, National Sugar Cookie Day is a great excuse to spoil someone with a batch of fresh sugar cookies. If you don’t want to mess up your kitchen? No problem. It’s just as easy to order a cookie bouquet delivery. When it comes to any kind of cookie, we have dozens of delicious options to help you celebrate!