Let’s face it, cookies are already delicious. So how do you improve on something that everyone loves? You add something to dunk it in of course!



Most people would think icing should be spread on top of the cookie, but why not be a rebel and dunk your cookies in it instead? Buttercream and cream cheese icings are gooey and sweet, perfect for dipping anything from a simple sugar cookie to peanut butter, chocolate chip, and beyond. While royal icing is fantastic for cookie decoration, it isn’t the best for cookie dunking because it hardens as it cools.



Whether it’s a simple shortbread or a double dark chocolate chunk, any cookie can be improved with chocolate. You don’t have to go out and buy a chocolate fountain just to enjoy a midnight snack this way. Use chocolate chips (milk, white, or dark chocolate are all great options!) melted on a double boiler to achieve a smooth texture. Dipping chocolate will need to be warm to keep from hardening so you may have to zap your chocolate in the microwave a few times throughout your snack time. If that sounds like too much work, switch it up for a cup of hot cocoa instead.



Many people just can’t get through the day without their cup-of-joe. Make your mornings even better by adding cookies! Varieties such as shortbread and biscotti make for perfect dunking. Use flavored coffees to match or compliment the cookie you’re dipping. Coffees with notes of caramel pair nicely with chocolate chip while hazelnut flavors go well with snickerdoodles. You should never hesitate to add a cookie to your morning coffee. After all, eating an oatmeal cookie is pretty much the same as eating actual oatmeal, right?


Ice Cream

You may have a difficult time actually “dipping” your cookies in ice cream, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You probably don’t have a soft-serve machine at home (if you do, can you invite us over?!), so let the ice cream sit on the counter for a few minutes to soften up. Gelato is denser than typical ice cream, but it’s meant to be eaten at warmer temperatures so it melts as it hits your tongue, making it a good cookie dipping option. For a really easy ice cream dipping experience, make a milkshake!



Of course, we couldn’t leave out the age-old favorite—milk. Cookies and milk go together like peanut butter and jelly, Bonnie and Clyde, Ohio State and football. One just doesn’t seem complete without the other. Luckily, any cookie is good for dunking in milk, so there’s no need to limit yourself! Crunchier cookies will hold together better when dunked, but softer cookies seem to soak up more liquid. Not only are you getting a delicious combo, but you’ll also be getting in your daily dose of calcium.


However you decide to enjoy your cookies, there is one requirement for any dunking choice—cookies! Hop on over to our shop page and pick out your favorites today then head to the store for your beverage of choice. Enjoying cookies couldn’t be easier with so many delicious dunking options.