Back To School Cookies

Back-to-school is officially here! The wind is crisp, the ink is fresh, and the notebooks are ready to be written in. It’s a sweet, exciting time of year that’s full of new opportunities and possibilities, and teachers, faculty, and students alike deserve to be celebrated in a BIG way! So, why not celebrate with some delicious back-to-school treats from Cookie Bouquets?

At Cookie Bouquets, you can celebrate your smart cookie with an “Apple Bushel Basket,” a “Back To School Cutout Cookie Bouquet,” or a “One Smart Cookie Decorated Cookie Bouquet.” No matter what type of cookie you choose, all our sweet treats have an A+ flavor, and they’ll give your special student plenty of energy for all the studying they’re about to do this year!

Back To School Gifts

Send them back to school with cookies!

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Mini Goodie Box

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Pencil Mug Cookie Bouquet

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Schoolhouse Cookie Box

$26.95$67.95 Shop Now!

Gourmet Luggage Gift Tower

$84.95 $79.95 Shop Now!

Teddy Bear

$5.95 Shop Now!