Back To School Already?

No one wants to think about summer being over! It’s back-to-school time and students everywhere are headed back to class for another year of homework, extracurriculars, and coordinating schedules right and left. Not only is vacation over, but the next official holiday isn’t for a few months—so why not give a yummy gift to bring a little cheer to the classroom? Let’s start celebrating the wonderful moments of learning that the school year provides.


Cheer Up Your Student

The first days back at school can be bittersweet. New parents have a hard time dropping off their kids, some students have first-day-back nerves, while others are buzzing with excitement to meet up with their friends. At the same time, friendships may have changed over the summer and some kids could have been placed in a separate class from their closest friends, which calls for a cute pick-me-up: back to school cookies! Show your support and get some “cool parent” points by surprising your student with some cookies in their lunchbox. Better yet, send your kids with a big platter of assorted cookies to share with the entire class to sweeten up the end of their first week—it’s a delicious way to celebrate everyone’s hard work and start the year off with a smile!


Wow Teachers & Staff

Teachers, administrators, and other staff members make up the pillars of a fantastic school system. Forming solid relationships with educational leaders is important, not only to get updates about your child’s progress but also to acknowledge their dedication to these young learners. Bring a teacher appreciation cookie bouquet to the first parent-teacher conference. If your kid is a bit of a troublemaker, cookies can be a great way of thanking a teacher or principal for being extra patient. And let’s not forget other role models that have a huge impact like bus drivers, custodians, and counselors. Send your student with a cute cookie gift basket to make sure everyone gets proper recognition!


Celebrate New Milestones

As the school year gets underway, a lot of changes take place. Homework assignments and projects increase in number, exams get harder, and after-school clubs eat up more free time. There’s still time to commemorate your kid’s newest achievements! Pick out a sports themed cookie bouquet for your little athlete who’s ecstatic to have made the team or send a gift to say “break a leg” on opening night of the school play. Even though academic standards get more rigorous and cutthroat each year, positive reinforcement will encourage students to keep working hard and power through the year. Show how proud you are of your smart cookie with some yummy goodies to help fuel them to keep up the good work!


There are plenty of reasons to order a cookie bouquet this year. Whether it’s for your child, the entire class, faculty, or staff members, we have the perfect assortment for you. You even have the option to customize your cookies with personal photos or build your own bundle of your preferred flavors. Don’t wait for an extra-special occasion to treat yourself to some delicious cookies. Celebrate everyday moments and show your appreciation and love in a way that’ll be “one for the books!”