The Most Charming Irish Desserts For St. Patrick’s Day


Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans have Irish ancestry? Every March 17th, we observe St. Patrick’s Day, but this holiday isn’t the only reason to celebrate all things Irish… All month long we’re honoring Irish culture as we celebrate Irish Heritage Month!

Connect with your roots and better understand the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day this March by whipping up some of your favorite Irish dishes… and of course we’ve got a few ideas about what to make for dessert! Here are our top picks of traditional Irish desserts for you to share with family & friends this St. Patrick’s Day and beyond!

  • Barmbrack Bread – This traditional sweet, “speckled bread” is eaten throughout the year and made with a handful of dried fruit and assorted spices. The best part is that charms are typically baked into the bread to signify good fortune. If you get the slice of barmbrack with a coin, ring, or other trinket inside, it’s like finding a special little pot o’ gold. Lucky you!
  • Irish Apple Tart – Similar to American apple pie, this dish is typically baked in a shallow iron skillet using butter, sugar, cinnamon, and thinly sliced green apples for the best tartness! (It keeps away the pinches too.) Apple tart involves rolling out a pastry crust that is soft, buttery, and 100% homemade… just like our St. Patrick’s Day cookies.
  • Porter Cake – If you’re a fan of porter ale or Guinness, you’ll love this recipe! During St. Patrick’s Day, this traditional Irish fruit cake is made with different kinds of beer and dried berries. Many people enjoy the cake’s dense texture, rich taste, and most of all—the leftover ale! If you’re in need of the perfect beer mug for a celebratory pint, we’ve got you covered.
  • Irish Coffee – Why not pair a charming selection of shamrock-shaped cookies with a special after-dinner coffee? Simply combine Irish whiskey, freshly brewed coffee, and a dash of sugar to create a creamy, indulgent adults-only beverage that’s topped with whipped cream. If you need a treat for your little leprechauns, we’ve got some St. Paddy’s day ideas for you!
  • Shortbread – Originally from Scotland, shortbread is quite common in Ireland and throughout the entire UK as a crisp, crumbly teatime biscuit. There are many types of shortbread varieties, from plain to chocolate-covered to stuffed with jam. Sometimes sugar cookies are confused with shortbread, their unleavened cookie counterpart.
  • Classic Sugar Cookies – Last but not least, are the ever-popular sugar cookies! Bake some homemade cookies with the kids that you can decorate with emerald-colored buttercream frosting. Or if you aren’t one for baking, order a St. Patrick’s Day cookie bouquet! All of our cookies are homemade with designs crafted by hand, then wrapped individually for quick delivery right to your door.


We hope you spend time this St. Patrick’s Day learning about the meaning of special Irish customs, making fun memories with family, and tasting delicious desserts from the Emerald Isle. And with lots of luck, our St. Patrick’s Day cookie bouquets will be so enchanting, you’ll have a new tradition to add to your celebration!