The sun is starting to come out, the trees and flowers are blooming, and springtime is finally here! And you know what that means… Easter is right around the corner! Whether you celebrate spiritually by going to church Sunday morning or simply enjoy a challenging Easter egg hunt, every family has their own unique traditions to commemorate the holiday.

Freshly baked breads, cakes and chocolates, and dyed eggs for symbolic decoration are just a few examples of the many Easter customs out there. But what really goes into making the best Easter treat?

Choose something deliciously sweet.

After a dreary, cold winter, it feels delightful to indulge on some warm, homemade desserts—especially for those who religiously fast during the weeks leading up to Easter! That’s why in many cultures, numerous dishes are made with rich cheeses, creams, and candied fruit, to break their dessert-free fasting oh-so-luxuriously. For example, in Denmark, they eat “Semla,” which are rolls stuffed with almond paste and whipped cream. In the same way, our buttercream-frosted cookie bouquets are baked to be just as ear-resistible. What’s better than waking up on Easter morning to a basket full of cute bunny-shaped cookies?

Make it colorful and classic.  

Around Easter, you’ll see a lot of eye-catching colors to mimic the blossoming of nature. Frequently in the southern part of the U.S., coconut cake is a classic since the fluffy flakes of coconut are tinted green to look like fresh sprigs of grass, and typically the icing is decorated different shades too. Families love to hand out jellybeans or chocolate eggs wrapped in pastel foil to eager young children—plus, there’s dyeing the Easter eggs! These vibrant colors add a joyfulness to the holiday, which is why we bake all our Easter cookies with unique, dazzling designs that taste delicious and are guaranteed to brighten up your day.

Create a new tradition.

In the UK, hot cross buns are eaten as a reminder of Easter’s spiritual significance. In Greece, a distinct braided bread gets baked around a single red painted egg in the center. However you and your family choose to celebrate—like hiding Easter eggs for a big scavenger hunt—the heart of any holiday is the tradition behind it! So surprise a little one with Mr. Easter Bunny himself, divvy up that giant chocolate rabbit, and order an Easter-themed cookie bouquet! No family gathering is complete without a bunch of yummy goodies to share… so why not make cookies your new Easter tradition?

Not only are our Easter cookies colorful, timeless, and delicious; by ordering a cookie bouquet in advance you can save time, energy, and lessen your holiday stress. We’ve got dozens of adorable, buttercream-frosted bunnies, chicks, flowers, and hand-decorated eggs to choose from. So, this year make sure you get the best Easter treats in your basket!