A Cookie Bouquet For Every Summer Occasion


School’s out and summer vacation is already in full swing! With the freedom of relaxation and blue-sky days full of sunshine ahead, summer is the best season for outdoor activities such as barbecuing, swimming, festivals, and more. And of course, no party would be complete without some delicious July cookies! Our homemade cookie bouquets are the perfect treat to celebrate this summer—whether for a special occasion or simply just because!


4th of July Cookies

Fourth of July is all about spending time with friends, family, and loved ones – gathering together to celebrate America’s independence as a nation. With the holiday right around the corner, 4th of July Cookies make the perfect dessert for your barbecue or cookout. Our star-shaped cookies are topped with red, white, and blue frosting in the design of the American flag, adding some patriotic flair to your holiday celebration! Enjoy munching on a delicious 4th of July cookie bouquet as you’re being wowed by gorgeous firework displays. For the kids, we recommend this Stars & Stripes Cookie Hat to “top off” this year’s 4th of July festivities.


Special Cookie Days

Let’s not forget about commemorating different types of cookie holidays! For any flavor of cookie you prefer, it’s fun to share a homemade cookie bouquet with your loved ones and savor every last crumb with a glass of milk.

Sugar Cookies:

Our signature buttercream frosting recipe is perfect for sugar cookies…and National Sugar Cookie Day is coming up! On July 9th, indulge in a soft, buttery sugar cookie bouquet in honor of this holiday dedicated to America’s most popular cookie.

Chocolate Peanut Butter:

If instead you prefer the combination of chocolate with peanut butter (as a lot of Buckeyes do), you’re in luck. July 23rd is National Peanut Butter & Chocolate Day! Celebrate with a delivery of July cookies, customized to include all your favorite flavors, especially our bestseller: chocolate frosted peanut butter.


Summer Birthdays

It’s easy to forget about family or friends with summer birthdays when everyone is on summer vacation. Make sure to be proactive and order a birthday cookie bouquet as a sweet surprise. With cute summery shapes to choose from, such as flowers, bees, or smiling suns, getting a cookie bouquet delivered is an incredibly thoughtful birthday gift—especially if you can’t celebrate in-person together! Whether you add a teddy bear, a personal note, or build a unique bundle, a cookie bouquet is guaranteed to make that special someone smile!


Outdoor Picnics

What does every good picnic need? Cookies! During the summer when the weather is beautiful, it’s finally time to pack some goodies, take a scenic hike, and find the best picnic spot. Whether you’re planning a romantic date or having a summer grill out with the whole family, cookies are a convenient, mess-free dessert option to bring to your outdoor gathering—no serving utensils required! Plus, there are plenty of adorable boxes, tins, baskets, and cookie bouquets to choose from, like our charming Picnic Cookie Tote. Cookies make an excellent treat to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth for your next picnic.


Travel With Cookies

When summer rolls around, it’s time for people to take trips to visit family, go to the beach, or explore a new city. All too often, beachside resorts, summer festivals, and local carnivals & fairs charge high prices for food and desserts—so why not cut down on costs, avoid sticky, melting ice cream cones, and keep some cookies on hand as a delicious alternative? Due to their portable size and no need for refrigeration, summer cookies are easy to pack for some extra vacation fun. With our individually wrapped cookies, you’ll always have a fresh, satisfying treat ready for both you and the kids when you’re on the go!


So, what kind of cookie bouquet are you looking for? From 4th of July Cookies to festive birthday cookie gift baskets to a customized bundle of special cookie flavor combinations, the possibilities are endless! Check out all the tastiest options at Cookie Bouquets and find the perfect cookies for any occasion you’re celebrating. Whether you’re near or far, traveling or staying at home; we’ll deliver a sweet surprise to give you a little taste of summer!