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Make Your Cookies a Slam Dunk!

Let’s face it, cookies are already delicious. So how do you improve on something that everyone loves? You add something to dunk it in of course!   Icing Most people would think icing should be spread on top of the cookie, but why not be a rebel and dunk your cookies in it instead? Buttercream and cream cheese icings are...[ read more ]

Best Type of Frosting for Decorating Cookies

GET THE BEST FROSTING FOR DECORATING There are many types of frosting used in baking, but are all of them created equal? When it comes to decorating cookies, there are a few specific types of frostings that really “take the cake” (see what we did there?!). Buttercream The Upside Buttercream frosting is a very popular and also one of the...[ read more ]

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