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Baby showers are a time to celebrate the miracle of life with the parents-to-be. Show them how excited you are for their precious little one to arrive by creating these adorable baby-themed cookies.


Decorating onesies is a sacred activity of baby shower rituals. It’s creative and interactive; it lets guests show their personalities; it’s very practical for the mother-to-be. For a more delicious version of this game, try decorating onesie-shaped cookies instead.

Baby Gear

It isn’t just kids who enjoy getting new toys; parents-to-be love them too. Put a spin on classic gifts by bringing toy and accessory shaped cookies. Alphabet blocks, pacifiers, bibs, rattles, and baby bottles are all popular and cute shapes to decorate and eat.


Do you remember how much you loved your first stuffed animal? Guests will be sure to feel the same love for your animal shaped cookies. Jungle beasts, ocean dwellers, and woodland creatures in fun cartoon themes are perfect to add a little playfulness to any baby shower dessert table.

Pink and Blue

You can’t go wrong with a baby shower cookie if you color it blue or pink. For parties with a big gender reveal, bring cookies of both colors. Before the couple reveals what they’re having, tell everyone to grab a cookie of the color they guess. It’s a good way to make sure you aren’t taking home leftovers.


It’s a baby shower, so making cookies shaped like babies makes perfect sense. Bring decorated baby faces or opt for adorable foot shaped cookies. Check your local craft store for a variety of baby-themed cookie cutter shapes.

If you know that your best efforts at these cookies may result in a social media post with the ironic hashtag #nailedit, you can order the perfect cookie box with us. Try the Block Tower; it arrives in decorative boxes to be reused for storage in the nursery and includes a small teddy bear for the soon-to-be-newborn. Or make an impression with the Footprint Cookie Box which comes in multiple sizes and offers up to 11 different cookies. No matter what you choose, there’s no better way to celebrate a new life than with cookies.


It’s not easy being green—especially for a cookie on St. Patrick’s Day. There are so many ways to flavor and decorate your cookies for this green-hued holiday, we can’t even list them all! But here’s a few of our favorites.



You can’t have an Irish holiday without the iconic shamrock. Cover shamrock-shaped sugar cookies in gooey icing or pipe on a masterpiece with different shades of green. There are plenty of ways to decorate or you can use some of the ideas below to make your shamrock cookie dough green without food coloring.


Pot of Gold

Finding the treasure at the end of the rainbow is difficult, but making a pot of gold for yourself is easy when it’s a cookie. Shape, bake and decorate with green icing and gold sprinkles (yellow works too!). Make your cookies 3-D by creating dark chocolate cookie balls and drizzling them with caramel.


Chocolate Chip

You can go about a St. Patrick’s Day chocolate chip cookie three different ways. 1) Make the dough green and use regular chocolate chips. 2) Leave the dough natural and use green chocolate chips. 3) Color your dough green and use green chocolate chips! No matter how you do it, you’ll have the most festive cookies on the block.



These little candies are useful for a variety of baking needs, but our favorite is when we stick them into our cookie dough, of course! Only the green M&Ms—it is St. Patty’s Day. Spell out letters or make designs with your M&Ms. Bake a big batch to share with the kids or take to the office. You can’t go wrong with a custom styled cookie!



Mint is a flavor that compliments so many different cookies. Wrap a green mint in a dark chocolate dough and bake. When you bite into it, there’s a fun green surprise in the middle. Add a few drops of spearmint extract to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and you’ve suddenly got mint chocolate chip cookies.



Tea has long been used as a flavoring for cookies and other baked goods. Its strong aromas and dough-coloring capabilities make it a perfect flavoring to create naturally green cookies. Finding just the right amount of matcha for your recipe is tricky so you may have to make several batches. Don’t worry, I’m sure your family won’t mind eating the rejected ones. They are still cookies, after all.



If tea isn’t your favorite, try pistachio. As they say, you can’t have just one…pistachio cookie, that is! Although we’re used to seeing bright green, pistachios won’t color your cookies this way on their own. Add a couple drops of green coloring to your dough or cover in bright green sprinkles to get the St. Patrick’s Day effect.


All-Natural Food Coloring

If you prefer your St. Patrick’s Day to be a little more authentic, try going for naturally made food dyes. You can make your own with recipes for both fruit and vegetable-based colors. There are also several brands that sell pre-made natural food coloring in your local stores or online.


Any of these cookies will make your tastebuds green with envy (and with icing). Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the way you celebrate every other holiday—with cookies!


Having a long distance Valentine can be tough. You want to get them something that fully conveys how you feel and how much you miss them, but it’s looking like it might be yet another anti-climactic year of sending a gift direct from Amazon. There are better ways to celebrate love! Think outside the box this year and try for something with a more personal touch.

Care Package

Make a care package for your Valentine. If it’s the thought that counts, then it would follow that putting more thought into something counts more. Put effort into your care package and your valentine will appreciate it when they see how well you know them. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a plate of your partner’s favorite cookies. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but that the stomach is the quickest way to a person’s heart. I agree. You can never go wrong with food. Everyone eats, which means your gift will never spoil away on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. Include a big plate of cookies, a photo of the two of you, and anything else your heart desires. Your valentine will love it.

Cookie Delivery Services

Does the oven shudder when you turn it on? Did your last batch of cookies remain unsold at the bake sale? No worries, let someone else make the cookies. Your valentine will understand (especially if they really know you!). Send them a bouquet, box, or even a piping hot plate of fresh baked cookies from the professionals. Choose from dozens of designs and imagine the look on their face as they open the door Valentine’s Day morning to warm cookies and milk. It’s almost as good as waking up on Valentine’s Day to breakfast in bed—if that breakfast were cookies, that is. Even when you can’t be there to bake them yourself, that plate-full of chocolaty love reminds your valentine of how much you care.

Gifts for Others

Does your valentine have kids or a loving furry companion? Include something for them. More than likely the kids were going to help mom or dad eat that glorious cookie bouquet you sent, but why not get them each their own instead? Being recognized individually and not just sharing in someone else’s gift is a great way to earn points with that person. If it’s a dog or cat, send some edible pet cookies to match. If you’re sending a care package, include ingredients for your valentine to bake cookies with their kids. You’re saying to them, even if I can’t be there, I want you to be making happy memories. Your valentine will be sure to find it romantic when you think of others.

There are plenty of cliché gifts to send your valentine – chocolates (melty), flowers (droopy), teddy bear (useless). Send them something they really want. Send them cookies!

P.S. Cookies are a great option, even if you wake up next to your Valentine every day.

Marketing is an industry worth billions of dollars and sometimes it can seem impossible to stand out in a world where everyone is fighting for attention. Branded promotional materials and items are a great way to show appreciation for your clients and get your name out there. If you want to stand out from the crowd with your branded products, try ordering cookies with your logo or photos on them.

Cookies are Memorable
What’s the last company you remember getting a pen or fridge magnet from? You probably can’t remember because this is what every company does! With only 1.4% of branded products being food products, your logo and photo cookies are sure to be memorable.

Cookies are Attention-Grabbing
Ever seen the hashtag “foodstagram”? With the popularity of social media comes an unlimited opportunity to spread your brand name and message. A logo or photo cookie is a novel item. People will be delighted both with your thoughtfulness and with the satisfying taste of your present. People will share your memorable gift on their social media and this will continue to promote your brand long after the cookie has been eaten.

Cookies are Useful
Statistics show that 15% of customers throw away branded gifts, 18% file them somewhere, and 67% give the item away. None of that will happen when your branded product is a cookie! Cookies are too important to throw out, too fresh to file somewhere, and (although it’s nice to share) too delicious to give away. Your custom logo cookies are sure to be the most useful corporate gift anyone has ever received.

Cookies are Personal
Nothing says “you’re important” like a personalized cookie. Mix your logo cookies with customized photo cookies! Whether it’s a photo cookie tin or a cookie printed with photos, clients, employees, friends, and family are sure to feel special when you personalize their cookies with a photo or logo.

Cookies are Fun
In a world of constant negatives, cookies can bring some much-needed fun into the equation. Whether you want to forget the world at large or just what’s going on in the office, have fun with logo and custom picture cookies. Use them as employee recognition gifts at an office gathering or delight clients with a sweet surprise. Cookies are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

People are exposed on average to between 4000 and 10000 ads per day. This includes the labels on your food and clothing, signs you pass, commercials, etc. Cookies are something that makes people stop and notice. (Seriously, when’s the last time you walked past a cookie without at least looking at it?) Order your first batch of logo cookies today!


Personally, the Santa that visits my home doesn’t seem to mind what kind of cookies are left out for him seeing as the plate is always empty in the morning. This year, why not surprise Santa with something new? Try a cookie bouquet! Making a cookie bouquet is easier than you think, but it does require some supplies that you may not have on hand. It’s also a great way to spend time with family or friends baking and decorating these cookies. The hardest part of this cookie bouquet is not eating all the cookies before Santa gets there.

First, pick a theme. If you already have some basic shaped cookie cutters, see what you can make out of them. (Remember, you can always decorate a basic shape to make it look like something else.) If you want to get creative, try heading to your local craft or baking store to see what they have. You may even find some cookie cutters in dollar stores or other odd places so keep your eyes peeled.

While you’re out shopping for cookie cutters, you’ll need to find a base for your bouquet. Again, this can be as simple, decorative, or quirky as you want. If you’re sticking to the holiday theme, don’t forget to look through your Christmas decorations for something you may be able to use as a basket, vase, or any other cookie base. Don’t worry if it’s sentimental, I suspect Santa will just eat the cookies and leave the plate. You’ll also want to get some foam to pack your base with so your cookies stand up properly. Many types of foam will work, but the green foam that people use for actual flower bouquets works perfectly for supporting cookies.

Now onto the cookie part! You can bake whatever kind of cookies your heart desires, but a good ol’ fashioned sugar cookie does make the best blank canvas for decorations. You’ll need to bake the supporting sticks into the cookies. If you try to skewer your cookies after they’re already baked, you’ll end up with a lot of crumbly messes. Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, kebob sticks or really anything that can be placed in the oven without setting it on fire can be used as supports.  It’s a good idea to have a general idea of how your cookies will actually be arranged in your base since you’ll want some short and some tall. Design and decide this ahead of time so you aren’t wishing you’d put that certain cookie on a longer stick.

After baking comes the decorating and final assembly. Decorate however you want! If you feel like getting fancy, you can buy some piping tips in different sizes and shapes. You can make your own icing or just get simple white icing pre-made from the store and add food coloring. If you’re going to be mixing lots of colors, get gloves so your hands aren’t tie-dyed come Christmas morning. Arrange the cookies in your base as you designed it, making sure to push the sticks firmly into the foam and making sure the foam is packed tightly inside the vessel so your cookies won’t fall over.

Once the cookies are arranged, add your final touches. If you went for a winter or Christmas theme, you can cover the top of your base in powdered sugar to look like snow. If you went outside the box with your design then choose something like tinsel or tissue paper to place between cookies. Anything can work, but your bouquet won’t look complete until you’ve hidden the foam with decorations. Add a fun Christmas tag, place it next to the tree with a glass of milk, and if you can stay up, try to sneak a peek at Santa’s face when he’s surprised with his very own cookie bouquet.

If you’re not the crafting type, don’t worry. has the perfect Christmas bouquet to impress Santa (we won’t tell him you didn’t make it yourself). Choose simple winter-themed cookies like snowflakes and snowmen. Make Santa laugh with your crazy Christmas sweater bouquet. Or aim to impress with a mini-tree complete with cookie ornaments. Whatever you want for Santa this year, we’ve got you covered.

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