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March is finally here, and with it comes a wave of Irish pride as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! People all over the world are celebrating their Irish heritage with parties and parades, drinking a pint (or two, or three!), and of course, wearing green to avoid getting pinched. Although this year the holiday lands on a weekday, for those with young kids we have a couple sweet after-school activities to continue the St. Paddy’s Day fun!


  1. Go to a parade! For decades, many cities have commemorated March 17th with crazy traditions (case in point, Chicago’s famous green-dyed river). What better way to celebrate than attending a giant St. Patrick’s Day festival in the streets of your hometown—complete with Irish dancers, bagpipers, and floats! Make it fun by dressing up in green, painting your kids’ faces with the colors of the Irish flag, and catching candy like chocolate gold coins!


  1. Look for luck. One common St. Patrick’s Day ritual is searching for 4 leaf clovers, which are rare to find. Each leaf symbolizes a trait: love, faith, hope, and luck! Explore the outdoors together as a family to double your luck. Plus, turn it into a friendly competition for the kids by inventing a holiday scavenger hunt! Rewards could include a hatful of scrumptious goodies.


  1. Make it GREEN. There a so many tasty green treats to eat or drink. It can be as simple as adding food coloring to a cake or making a shamrock shake with mint chocolate chip ice cream. For cute finishing touches, craft some matching themed decorations, like an emerald leprechaun hat, green paper chain garlands, or shamrock toppers.


  1. Ditch the pub. Teach your kids about the history of the holiday and whip up a few traditional dishes at home to taste test! Try a classic Irish dessert recipe, like soda bread or something more unusual, like potato-apple bread pudding. (For the adults, use Guinness or other Irish beers to enhance desserts and raise a toast.) If the kids crave something sweeter, don’t worry – we’ve got one more trick up our sleeve.


  1. Order a cookie bouquet! Our Patrick’s Day cookies are shamrockin’ and ready to go! Save some time as you prep for your party by ordering a bouquet of buttercream-frosted clovers that everyone can appreciate. Or maybe get a charming cookie box or basket with assorted flavors delivered to satisfy your kids’ sweet tooth and spread the luck of the Irish. Our Pot O’ Gold cookie bouquet even comes with a wee little friend!


No matter how you celebrate this March, the luckiest thing we’re given is the ability to spend quality time together with family. Next best thing? At the end of an action-packed St. Paddy’s Day, sit back, relax, and treat yourself to a well-deserved cookie.

The joy and hope that come from seeing a loving couple who are about to share their lives together deserves a special treat—cookies, of course. Wedding showers are the perfect place to show off your baking skills with these special wedding themes and shapes.



Shopping for a wedding gown is something every woman dreams of. Whether the bride-to-be has already found the dress of her dreams or she’s still on the hunt, she’ll appreciate these dress shaped cookies. To make it interactive, have guests decorate the cookies with their own perfect gown idea.


Engagement Rings

Popping the question just doesn’t have the same effect if you’re not holding a ring. You can celebrate the happy couple’s engagement with a ring of your own—a diamond ring-shaped cookie, that is. These sweet treats are a big hit.



Wedding showers are all about the love which means heart-shaped cookies suit the theme perfectly. Use a fine tipped piping bag to write love notes or the couple’s initials. Add roses or lace patterns for a fancy, yet delicate touch. You can even use the heart shape to make dress and tuxedo cookies.


Groom Cookies

Wedding showers aren’t always about the bride. More and more couples are joining forces at these parties to celebrate together with friends and family. Since most people will cater to the bride, bring cookies with a theme personal to the groom instead. Whether it’s football, camping, race cars, or golf, every husband-to-be has a hobby you can celebrate in cookie form.



Cookies that look like cakes. I know it sounds wild, but there are some cute ways to do this. An easy flat version is to get a wedding cake shaped cookie cutter and decorate with every detail of the full sized thing. You can also take your cake-cookies 3D by stacking round cookies of different sizes. Use icing to cement them together and you now have a three-tiered cookie masterpiece.


Bringing homemade gifts is very thoughtful and appreciated, but if you think you’d rather leave this one to the pros, that’s fine too. Our cookies inspire nothing but love with decorated heart-shaped variety boxes and full bouquets of long-stemmed cookie-roses. With dozens of love-themed options, you’ll find the perfect cookie for your next wedding shower.


Baby showers are a time to celebrate the miracle of life with the parents-to-be. Show them how excited you are for their precious little one to arrive by creating these adorable baby-themed cookies.


Decorating onesies is a sacred activity of baby shower rituals. It’s creative and interactive; it lets guests show their personalities; it’s very practical for the mother-to-be. For a more delicious version of this game, try decorating onesie-shaped cookies instead.

Baby Gear

It isn’t just kids who enjoy getting new toys; parents-to-be love them too. Put a spin on classic gifts by bringing toy and accessory shaped cookies. Alphabet blocks, pacifiers, bibs, rattles, and baby bottles are all popular and cute shapes to decorate and eat.


Do you remember how much you loved your first stuffed animal? Guests will be sure to feel the same love for your animal shaped cookies. Jungle beasts, ocean dwellers, and woodland creatures in fun cartoon themes are perfect to add a little playfulness to any baby shower dessert table.

Pink and Blue

You can’t go wrong with a baby shower cookie if you color it blue or pink. For parties with a big gender reveal, bring cookies of both colors. Before the couple reveals what they’re having, tell everyone to grab a cookie of the color they guess. It’s a good way to make sure you aren’t taking home leftovers.


It’s a baby shower, so making cookies shaped like babies makes perfect sense. Bring decorated baby faces or opt for adorable foot shaped cookies. Check your local craft store for a variety of baby-themed cookie cutter shapes.

If you know that your best efforts at these cookies may result in a social media post with the ironic hashtag #nailedit, you can order the perfect cookie box with us. Try the Block Tower; it arrives in decorative boxes to be reused for storage in the nursery and includes a small teddy bear for the soon-to-be-newborn. Or make an impression with the Footprint Cookie Box which comes in multiple sizes and offers up to 11 different cookies. No matter what you choose, there’s no better way to celebrate a new life than with cookies.


With all the falling leaves and pumpkin spice flavored food and drink, it’s Halloween season! As kids, we looked forward to dressing up as our favorite superhero and collecting as much candy as possible. But Halloween shouldn’t be all about the candy. There are a million other sweet treats to consider, including cookies! Here are some Halloween inspired ideas for your next baking adventure.

Spider Cookies

Choose your favorite cookie and bake a big batch. While they’re still warm from the oven, press an upside-down peanut butter cup into the center of the cookie. Let it cool then decorate with brown icing to draw legs and add sugar eyes for a full effect.

Pumpkin Cookies

Nothing screams Halloween quite like a beautifully carved jack-o-lantern. You can make pumpkin cookies using a specialty shaped cookie cutter or by forming round cookies and adding a small stem. Once baked, let them cool, then decorate with orange and black icing. Set up a decorate-your-own-pumpkin station and allow the kids or your party guests to make their own delicious treat.

Candy Corn

There’s nothing more fun (or confusing) than making something that appears to be something else. Enter–the candy corn cookie. Use a simple dough and form large triangles. Round the corners slightly and bake. After cooling, decorate with orange icing at the base of the triangle, yellow in the middle, and white at the tip.


For centuries, the plain white bedsheet has been used as the perfect last-minute ghost costume. For an extra haunted holiday, make ghost shaped cookies! Use a specialty cookie cutter or free-form your own creative ghost shapes. Use lots of white icing with black accents for a scary face and eyes.

The options for Halloween cookies are only limited by your imagination. Whether it’s a simple cookie with “trick-or-treat” written in icing or an elaborate creation made to mimic a severed finger, cookies are the answer to your every Halloween, sweet-treat need.


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