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The passing of a loved one, friend, or acquaintance is never easy to bear. It can be difficult to know how to appropriately give condolences to the family as traditions vary widely by culture and religion. In the Jewish faith, the immediate family of the deceased will mourn for a seven-day period called a Shiva. This is a time for friends to offer comfort and support for the family either in person or by sending gifts.

     While sitting shiva, relatives will not leave the house and are not allowed to cook or attend other daily duties. It is the job of the community to support the family so they may concentrate on remembering and celebrating their loved one. For this reason, it is customary that guests attending the shiva bring food for the grieving family in lieu of flowers.

     Sending or bringing a basket or platter as condolences is both traditional and thoughtful. Baskets containing baked goods, cookies, dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate can bring a bit of comfort and joy to an otherwise sad occasion. Shiva trays or platters may have fish, salads, and fruit to provide nourishment to mourners. Be sure to inquire ahead of time whether the family is only accepting kosher foods. Making donations to a designated synagogue or charity is also a good way of showing sympathy.

Cookies, brownies, pretzels, and other treats comfort people in times of sorrow. Here are some good options for shiva baskets:

Classic Gourmet Gift Tray – This basket offers a wide variety of treats from cookies to caramel corn to roasted peanuts and even hot chocolate mix; a good option for a family of diverse tastes.

Deluxe Bakery  Basket – Alongside the 40 cookies and brownies gracing this tray comes two loaves of pound cake, offering a sweet treat for breakfast.

Bakery Bites Basket – Inside of a round wicker basket sit 54 perfectly bite-sized cookies and brownies; a good option for kid-sized treats.

Sympathy Cookie Bouquet – Instead of flowers, send a sympathy bouquet of cookies. Simple and delicious, mourners will appreciate your kindness.

Grand Bakery Sampler – This basket features 80 of our most delicious and cheerful cookies, brownies, and loaves; the perfect option for large groups.

Black and White Cookie Tower – As the name says, this tower of black and white boxes contains nothing but cookies in 14 different varieties. A gift as elegant as it is comforting.

Marketing is an industry worth billions of dollars and sometimes it can seem impossible to stand out in a world where everyone is fighting for attention. Branded promotional materials and items are a great way to show appreciation for your clients and get your name out there. If you want to stand out from the crowd with your branded products, try ordering cookies with your logo or photos on them.

Cookies are Memorable
What’s the last company you remember getting a pen or fridge magnet from? You probably can’t remember because this is what every company does! With only 1.4% of branded products being food products, your logo and photo cookies are sure to be memorable.

Cookies are Attention-Grabbing
Ever seen the hashtag “foodstagram”? With the popularity of social media comes an unlimited opportunity to spread your brand name and message. A logo or photo cookie is a novel item. People will be delighted both with your thoughtfulness and with the satisfying taste of your present. People will share your memorable gift on their social media and this will continue to promote your brand long after the cookie has been eaten.

Cookies are Useful
Statistics show that 15% of customers throw away branded gifts, 18% file them somewhere, and 67% give the item away. None of that will happen when your branded product is a cookie! Cookies are too important to throw out, too fresh to file somewhere, and (although it’s nice to share) too delicious to give away. Your custom logo cookies are sure to be the most useful corporate gift anyone has ever received.

Cookies are Personal
Nothing says “you’re important” like a personalized cookie. Mix your logo cookies with customized photo cookies! Whether it’s a photo cookie tin or a cookie printed with photos, clients, employees, friends, and family are sure to feel special when you personalize their cookies with a photo or logo.

Cookies are Fun
In a world of constant negatives, cookies can bring some much-needed fun into the equation. Whether you want to forget the world at large or just what’s going on in the office, have fun with logo and custom picture cookies. Use them as employee recognition gifts at an office gathering or delight clients with a sweet surprise. Cookies are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

People are exposed on average to between 4000 and 10000 ads per day. This includes the labels on your food and clothing, signs you pass, commercials, etc. Cookies are something that makes people stop and notice. (Seriously, when’s the last time you walked past a cookie without at least looking at it?) Order your first batch of logo cookies today!

Everyone loves cookies. We doubt you can think of a single person who doesn’t! Cookies are delicious, they’re a great snack or desert, they’re perfectly sized portions, and cookies just make people feel good. These are just a few of the reasons that they make such great gifts. Cookies are perfect to buy for anyone on any occasion and here are a few more reasons why you should look no further than a delicious box or bouquet of cookies the next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift:

There are so many varieties of cookies

One of the best things about cookies is the fact that there are so many varieties. This means that no matter what mood you’re in or no matter what you like, there’s really something for everyone. If you’re a fan of chocolate, well than the classic chocolate chip or the ultra-rich chocolate, chocolate chip are both perfect. If you like to combine sweet and salty, try a variety that combines nuts or pretzels. If you’re trying to keep it healthy, go for oatmeal raisin. If you’re all about cute decorations, then a sugar cookie with beautifully decorated icing. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Cookies make you feel good

Not only do cookies make you feel good when you eat them because they are so delicious, they also make you feel good because they will likely remind you of your childhood. We’re guessing that most people have memories of dipping cookies in milk at their kitchen table with their parents. This treat comes with a strong sense of nostalgia, which just gives you an overall good feeling when you eat them.

You can get a wide range of prices and sizes

Whether you’re trying to stick to a budget or you want to splurge, you can get cookies at just about every price range and in all different sizes. Maybe you want to buy a small gift for a friend to let them know you’re thinking of them, or maybe you want to celebrate a big occasion or milestone like a graduation, a new baby, or a wedding. There is a perfect cookie gift out there for just about any occasion and in all different price ranges.

They are portable

Another great thing about cookies is the fact that they are so portable. They’re easy to take with you to a party, they’re easy to send in the mail, and they’re easy to save if you can’t finish them all at once. This is another factor that makes cookies such a great gift, as they don’t come with any hassle. This makes it easy for you and for the person you’re giving the gift to.

Their designs will make you smile

Cookies come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. People tend to get very creative with their cookie designs and you can always find a cute cookie to make you and the person you’re giving a gift to smile. There are cookies with company logos, cookies decorated like fried eggs and bacon, cookies for sports fans, cookies for girly girls and everything in between. Whatever your interests are or whatever the occasion is that you’re looking for a gift for, you’re sure to be able to find a cookie that represents it.  Get started designing your own!


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