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Back To School Already?

No one wants to think about summer being over! It’s back-to-school time and students everywhere are headed back to class for another year of homework, extracurriculars, and coordinating schedules right and left. Not only is vacation over, but the next official holiday isn’t for a few months—so why not give a yummy gift to bring a little cheer to the classroom? Let’s start celebrating the wonderful moments of learning that the school year provides.


Cheer Up Your Student

The first days back at school can be bittersweet. New parents have a hard time dropping off their kids, some students have first-day-back nerves, while others are buzzing with excitement to meet up with their friends. At the same time, friendships may have changed over the summer and some kids could have been placed in a separate class from their closest friends, which calls for a cute pick-me-up: back to school cookies! Show your support and get some “cool parent” points by surprising your student with some cookies in their lunchbox. Better yet, send your kids with a big platter of assorted cookies to share with the entire class to sweeten up the end of their first week—it’s a delicious way to celebrate everyone’s hard work and start the year off with a smile!


Wow Teachers & Staff

Teachers, administrators, and other staff members make up the pillars of a fantastic school system. Forming solid relationships with educational leaders is important, not only to get updates about your child’s progress but also to acknowledge their dedication to these young learners. Bring a teacher appreciation cookie bouquet to the first parent-teacher conference. If your kid is a bit of a troublemaker, cookies can be a great way of thanking a teacher or principal for being extra patient. And let’s not forget other role models that have a huge impact like bus drivers, custodians, and counselors. Send your student with a cute cookie gift basket to make sure everyone gets proper recognition!


Celebrate New Milestones

As the school year gets underway, a lot of changes take place. Homework assignments and projects increase in number, exams get harder, and after-school clubs eat up more free time. There’s still time to commemorate your kid’s newest achievements! Pick out a sports themed cookie bouquet for your little athlete who’s ecstatic to have made the team or send a gift to say “break a leg” on opening night of the school play. Even though academic standards get more rigorous and cutthroat each year, positive reinforcement will encourage students to keep working hard and power through the year. Show how proud you are of your smart cookie with some yummy goodies to help fuel them to keep up the good work!


There are plenty of reasons to order a cookie bouquet this year. Whether it’s for your child, the entire class, faculty, or staff members, we have the perfect assortment for you. You even have the option to customize your cookies with personal photos or build your own bundle of your preferred flavors. Don’t wait for an extra-special occasion to treat yourself to some delicious cookies. Celebrate everyday moments and show your appreciation and love in a way that’ll be “one for the books!”

Sugar cookies come in all sorts of textures, shapes, and sizes and are meant to be a perfect blank slate for endless customization possibilities. Prefer a thin, crispy sugar cookie? Or maybe soft and chewy, with sugar sprinkles on top? This classic dessert is versatile, easy to bake, and extremely tasty, making it one of America’s most popular cookie bouquet choices, especially around the holidays!

The origins of sugar cookies can be traced back to German Protestant settlers in Nazareth, Pennsylvania around the mid 1700s and were dubbed “Nazareth Cookies.” Major ingredients in early iterations included sour cream and milk, but today’s recipes rely heavily on butter, sugar, and flour. It’s become a household tradition to roll out the dough by hand and cut out fun shapes, like flowers, stars, or even a snowman around Christmas time, before decorating them.

Some sugar cookies are thick, with a crumbly, shortbread consistency, while others are light and cakey, pairing well with a buttercream frosting. Experimenting with different types of sugar or flour will impact the density, appearance, and overall taste of a sugar cookie—for example, using brown sugar is perfect for a gingerbread sugar cookie! Or if you know of someone with allergies or dietary restrictions, it’s easy to play around with alternative ingredients, like non-dairy milk or gluten-free flour.

If you consider sugar cookies as a “boring” staple, it’s time to spice up your recipe! Throw in some cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, lemon zest, pumpkin spice—this is where the cookie creativity begins! Custom sugar cookies are perfect for any occasion you’re celebrating. Make pumpkin-flavored sugar cookies for Halloween, cute hearts sprinkled with extra sugar for your Valentine, or whip up a special birthday treat for a family member or friend, with their favorite flavor in mind. Sugar cookies with buttercream frosting are extra irresistible to all the sweet tooths out there!

Even if you’re not much of a sweets person, National Sugar Cookie Day is a great excuse to spoil someone with a batch of fresh sugar cookies. If you don’t want to mess up your kitchen? No problem. It’s just as easy to order a cookie bouquet delivery. When it comes to any kind of cookie, we have dozens of delicious options to help you celebrate!

Need Father’s Day Gift Ideas?

What’s the best way to say Happy Father’s Day? Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure out the perfect gift. And dads can be the most notoriously difficult person to buy presents for! Every Father’s Day, we get bombarded by so many stereotypical “dad” gift ideas like a new fishing rod, 6 pack of beer, or their favorite sports team jersey. That’s not to say that a special guy in your life wouldn’t enjoy another Best Dad Ever coffee mug. But there’s a big difference between a meaningful gift and one that feels like a last-minute purchase.

Happy to Be Handy


If you have a flair for arts & crafts, making your own Father’s Day gift by hand should be easy and fun! There are hundreds of cute DIY ideas for coasters, ties, cards, cookies—you name it! Together with the help of your kids, you can express appreciation for your dad, grandpa, or other father figure by putting together a homemade collage of cute family photos, showcasing your kids’ artwork, or baking him his favorite dessert from scratch. (Everyone loves a sweet treat to celebrate!)

Of course, it’s much easier to start these projects well in advance of the holiday so you can take your time. Herding the family together to collaborate or to sign a Father’s Day card always seems to take longer than originally planned, but it’s worth it to show dad that he’s an all-star in your eyes.

Sweet, Simple, & Store-Bought


When you have limited time to consider gift ideas, a store-bought present can also be an amazing way to show him he’s the #1 Dad. Not everyone has a natural aptitude for crafting and building things by hand, and there are plenty of ways to customize your store-bought gift with your dad in mind. Maybe you have a father whose interests differ from the majority? Order him that book he mentioned about the history of dance or buy a giant bag of specific-flavored jellybean candy; maybe even obtain the 34th Star Wars-themed bobblehead that he’d be thrilled to add to his collection.

Plus, ordering a gift online or buying it in-store means less chaos for the kids! Joining together with the family to make dad a special gift can be fun, but also exhausting. And at the end of the day, your loved ones might feel left out. So, when in doubt, go online and order dad some special Father’s Day cookies!

No matter if you and the kids choose to bake some personalized cookies or have a dad-joke-themed cookie bouquet delivered to your door, your dad will feel the love this Father’s Day. And for all the dads, grandpas, uncles, in-laws, and other family members that are acting fathers and role models in one way or another, we just want to say… you’re the best.

Happy Father’s Day!

We’ve made it to the end of another school year, and for some students, the end of an era. All throughout May and June, graduates everywhere are celebrating their well-earned diplomas with family and friends. Whether they’re completing high school, college, or finally making it over the finish line with their doctoral thesis, we’ve got the perfect graduation gift ideas to commemorate all the accomplishments of these smart cookies.

  1. Celebrate their career! Many students have worked hard to achieve a good education, so they are one step closer to their dream job. Get your grad a thoughtful, career-specific item that will come in handy and receive a lot of use in their field. Have specific tennis shoes or sports gear delivered for an athletics coach, classroom supplies for a new school teacher, or a universal journal for all-purpose life planning. Even if your graduate isn’t sure what they want to do next, we know their future looks bright!
  2. Know what they need. Numerous grads are in various stages of life and need different things. High school seniors may find a new backpack or college dorm room decorations extremely useful. Meanwhile, older college grads are probably looking for help shopping for kitchen supplies as they move into an apartment to start a brand-new job. (And you can most likely treat them to a celebratory beer!) No matter what’s in store for them, a beautiful frame to hang their diploma is a gift they’ll undoubtedly appreciate!
  3. Make them laugh! For several years, students have trudged through a marathon of homework assignments, group projects, and extracurriculars while maybe even applying to colleges or working a part-time job! What better way to lighten the mood than with a comical basket of goodies, witty card, or a hilarious gift involving a personalized (and maybe slightly embarrassing?) photo. At least you can eat these delicious custom photo cookies pretty quickly.
  4. Get a sweet treat. There’s this old adage that C’s get degrees… ahem. We mean C’s stand for cookies! And a graduation party is nothing without some scrumptious desserts! Get a special graduate cookie bouquet delivered that’s sure to make your superstar smile, along with a little something for everyone. Explore even more cookie options by ordering a personalized, individually wrapped bundle that includes only your grad’s top-favorite cookie flavors.


Graduation is a momentous achievement with so many fabulous ways to celebrate! Our most important recommendation? Sharing some A+ graduation cookies with family and friends. So, watch them toss their cap, move the tassel, and let the party begin!

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